The Print and Stitch Group, 15 Sept 2016

15 September 2016


The group to which I belong (The Print and Stitch Group) met today. Some of us (including myself) had been to the British Art Show 8 and we discussed which were our favourite pieces, our not so favourite pieces, and why.

We discussed timescales and deadlines for our exhibition on the theme of “Identity”, which is to be held at Aldeburgh Gallery 14-20 September 2017.

Louise (who is studying OCA Textiles 1, A Textiles Vocabulary), showed us some samples inspired by English smocking, which she hopes to develop for our exhibition.

I showed and discussed some dry point and lino prints which I had been working on.

Clive showed some samples of layered and stitched fabric which he had naturally dyed and patterned using breakdown techniques. He had been on a workshop learning how to make patterned glass rods which he hoped to incorporate.


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