Post script to British Art Show 8

21 October 2016


Although I was not able to attend the OCA study visit to the British Art Show 8, I did make a visit alone (which I have discussed in an earlier entry of this learning log) (Eastaugh, 2016). I was subsequently interested to read Rebecca Fairley’s blog on the subject and her thoughts on some of the textile exhibits (Fairley, 2016).

Like me, Rebecca chose to write about “Kentucky” (2010) by Brazilian-born artist Alexandra de Cunha. She highlighted that it had been made from utility items (mops) and picked up on the fact that printed tapes with the object’s weight and product code had been included in the piece (something which I hadn’t specifically noticed). I was also interested in the other textile artists which she had focused on, and why she had been attracted to their work.

Rebecca made the important point that students can develop their own practice in exciting and innovative ways by exploring a wide range of art and design disciplines, including fine art. I certainly paid as much attention to the non-textile as the textile exhibits at The British Art Show 8. Exhibits which are non-textile still raise the same questions about composition, texture and colour, and how the artist has achieved contrast, tension or harmony. I also find that looking at non-textile art-forms often helps me to see beyond the obvious, by suggesting new relationships, interpretations, or combinations of media or techniques.



Eastaugh, N. (2016) British Art Show 8. At: (Accessed 21 October 2016)

Fairley, R. (2016) Textiles at the British Art Show 8. At: (Accessed 21 October 2016)


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