The contemporary use of embroidery techniques

22 October 2016

Having just completed an exercise in mixed media stitching, I was especially interested to read Rebecca Fairley’s bog post on the contemporary use of traditional embroidery techniques (Fairley, 2016). Project 5, exercise 2 “stitching”, was my favourite exercise in the assignment, and a technical area which I would like to develop and explore further/make my own. My ideas at this time are to combine stitching with puncturing/drilling and/or printing. From a materials-led perspective, I am interested in exploration games the use of solid media such as wooden planks or stones and over-sized holes, and the contrast with delicate or finely textured threads. 

Rebecca’s blog post provides a wonderful resource of web-link and books from which I can explore the work of innovative contemporary embroiderers in my own time. Of the 5 artists which she briefly discussed, the work of Lithuanian Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene had the most appeal because of her use combination of embroidery of traditional cross stitch motifs onto metal objects (including car doors and household items). I found an interesting link to an interview on the artist’s website (Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, 2016) which explained in greater detail the motivation behind her work and how it has evolved and developed. After many successful exhibitions, Severija became tired with stitching onto metal, and began to feel that there was too much focus on aesthetics rather than the meaning of the objects. In response, she held an “unravelling exhibition” in which she filmed herself deconstruction one of her stitched pieces. Recently she has developed new lines of enquiry, such as her “carpet series” in which she constructs rugs from recycled sweaters.



Fairley, R. (2016) Traditional textile techniques used in contemporary ways. At: (Accessed 22 October 2016)

Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, S. (2016) Severija: News. At: (Accessed 27 October 2016)


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