Assignment 1 – Response to tutor feedback

14 November 2016

Assignment 1 – tutor feedback

My tutor for this module is Cari Morton. A link to her feedback can be found here.


Response to tutor feedback

In submitting this assignment, I had tried to focus on the following improvement points which I highlighted from Textiles 1:Exploring Ideas:

  1. To use the Harvard referencing system correctly by expressing author, date and page number (if appropriate) in the text.
  2. To be wider in my research around each subject (to include magazine articles and OCA blog posts)
  3. To better explain the benefits of peer contact as they relate to my practice (for example, through Facebook, OCA hangouts, discussion forums and email).
  4. In addition to the research topic, to mention specific artists as they relate to specific samples or lines of enquiry.
  5. To be more free and playful in my experimentation and to focus on creativity (i.e. not to be overly concerned about neatness or demonstration of craft skills).
  6. To incorporate what I have learnt about viewing samples at different angles (i.e. inside and outside, back and front), and under different lighting conditions.
I am pleased that my tutor recognised my thoroughness and appreciated the benefits of the scientific approach I had taken, which enabled be to define boundaries and identify characteristics/success criteria.
I was delighted that my tutor was so complementary about my drawings, in particular my ‘samples’ sketchbook. Her observation that my ‘Garden-themed’ sketchbook was not a key part of the broader project is correct. I had understood that any supplementary sketchbook/drawing/painting activities could be submitted, and I did not appreciate that they needed to relate directly to the assignment (in his case surface distortion). 
For assignment 2, I have already started a supplementary sketchbook on the them of ‘identity’. However, most of the work completed involves mark-making and surface texture rather than joining and wrapping, so it does not form an integral part of the exploration for this assignment. I will have try and realign the focus of my sketchbook. My tutor’s suggestion of extending my sample sketches to include planning and proposing ideas, as well as documenting, is excellent. I think that this will really help me by prompting new lines of enquiry and will definitely start incorporating it into my new sketchbook.
My tutor mentioned that she liked the way in which I embedded research her about artists into my blog, and suggested in her pointers for the next assignment that I could include images. I wondered if she realised that I had also created a separate (password protected) blog entry specifically where I had researched artists in detail (password protected because it includes copyrighted images). A link to the entry is given here. I shall check that my tutor is aware of this approach when I submit my next assignment.

2 thoughts on “Assignment 1 – Response to tutor feedback

  1. Nicola Dawn

    Hi Nicky, good to cross paths with you (we have spoken before, I am geographically close to you!) The comment your tutor makes about including images on your blog is interesting. I think its a great idea to have a password protected place to display images. I don’t include them on my site either, in fact I have read in several places on the forum that we shouldn’t do it! Frustrating to have conflicting advice, isn’t it! Good Luck with Part 2. Nicki


    1. houseofknitting Post author

      Thanks Nicki, do ou have the password? If not send me an e-mail. It’s protected only for copyright purposes, but it’s fine to share with other students. Are you working on MMT? Nicky



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