Comments on assessment feedback – Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas

4 January 2017

I received my assessment results for Exploring Ideas a few hours after I had finished posting my last learning log entry for Assignment 2 of Textiles 1:MMT. I was pleased with the overall mark and the improvement from my first level 1 module. 

I would like to touch on two very important learning points made in the overall comments and the impact they will have on my work going forward.

The first is that “further development of drawing in relation to making would be helpful in progressing ideas with the spontaneity which would enhance the individuality of the work”

This comment is in strong agreement with my tutor’s feedback on Assignment 1, in which it was suggested that I use my sketchbook more closely in relation to development and refining of samples and ideas. I have started to take this approach in Assignment 2, although I feel that my sketchbook could be even more focused. In particular, I could be using the sketchbook to explore material texture and colour combinations. I could also link my observational and development drawings more closely.

The second important learning point is that “there could be more focus on how materials respond to each other when combined to create greater variety of resolved surfaces”

I realised at this point that I could have been much more adventurous in exploring materials combinations in Assignment 2. In particular, a greater emphasis on found materials and contrasting textures is needed to elevate my practice. I decided to made a couple more samples for Assignment 2 in recognition.


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