Assignment 2 – response to tutor feedback

19 January 2017

Assignment 2 – response to tutor feedback

My tutor for this module is Cari Morton. A link to her feedback can be found here.


Response to tutor feedback:

I shall summarise the main learning points:

  • My tutor recognised that I had responded very well to the feedback which she gave on Assignment 1. More than once she referred to the submission as “playful”, and mentioned “creative thinking” and a “varied submission”. She also commented that it was a “highly personal response”, which I have taken as evidence of my personal creative voice. I shall continue with this approach.
  • Cari liked the way I used photography to investigate different aspects of a sample’s form, texture and detail, but felt that there was scope for this to be extended to my observational drawings. I agree that this would result in a more varied body of imagery which would help with resolving and developing samples.
  • She felt that my response to “How to wrap 5 eggs” had been fruitful in producing a distincltly different body of work. I shall continue to explore different influences in this way, but particularly the Japanese aesthetic, to which I am becoming attached.
  • Suggestions were made for further reading to extend my exploration of “configurable surfaces”, constructed textiles and 3D structures.
  • In Assignment 3, I shall try to put forward work sooner for critique. This will give me more opportunity to reflect upon the comments and to use them to influence the direction of my sampling, as suggested by my tutor.



Oka, H. (2008) How to wrap five more eggs: Traditional Japanese packaging. London. Weatherhill.


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